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trade & type / language / size / donated by
Bose 901 mk3-4.pdf / Dutch /  2,7MB / Fred B.
B&W DM2a.pdf / English / 3,2MB / Fred B.
Kef Calinda.pdf / English / 0,7MB / Christoph S.
Kef Calinda-fr.pdf / French / 1,2MB / Christoph S.
Nakamichi CR3E-4E.pdf / Dutch / 1,6MB / Ronald F.
Philips MFB567.pdf / English,French,German,Dutch / 3,6MB / Fred B.
Quad FM4.pdf / English / 1,5MB / Fred B.
SME 3009-R.pdf / English / 2,5MB / Audiofreak
SME 3009-III.pdf / English / 1,7MB /  Henk O. de L.
Nakamichi Dragon.pdf / English / 3,0MB / Richard Morrison.
McIntosh 1900.pdf / English / 1,3MB / D.R.

trade & type / language / size / donated by
Philips MFB567 scheme.JPG / 0,9MB / Fred B.
Philips AG 9015.pdf / Dutch / 1,1MB / Gerardo G.
Philips AG9014 schematic.pdf / Dutch / 1,1MB / Gerardo G
Technics RS-1500 US + RS-1506 US.pdf / English, French,German, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish / 4,5MB / D.R.
Technics RS-1700.pdf / English, French,German, Dutch,
Swedish, Spanish / 7,7MB / D.R.

links with free user's manuals:

Acoustic Research AR3, AR10phi, AR11, AR18, AR9, AR90
Acoustic Research (recent models)
Akai (GX-4000D, GX-265D, GX-210D, well known tapedecks)
Bang & Olufsen (Beocenter 8000 & 9000, Beolab 2500, 6000, 8000, Penta, most latest models)
Bose 901mk6, 601mk4, 301mk4&5, 201mk4
Bose 1801 & 4401
Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers (all types)
Bryston 3B ST, 4B ST and other types
Denon (DVD-2800, DVD-1000, DVD-800, CDR-1000, AVR-3802/1, AVR-2802/1, AVR-1803/2, most latest models)
Harman Kardon (most latest and old models)
Jamo (most latest models)
Infinity (most latest models)
JBL (most latest models)
JVC (most latest models)
Kenwood (most latest models)
Klipsch (most latest models)
Lenco L75
Linn (most latest models)
Mark Levinson
Marantz PMD510, TT333, 250M
McIntosh MC30, MR7020
McIntosh MC30, MC60, MC225, MC225 and many others
Meridian (most latest models)
Minidisc recorders, different trades
Musical Fidelity (most latest models)
Nad 5120, Nad 3020
Nakamichi RX202, 303 & 505
Philips (most latest models)
Philips (DVDR880, DVDR890, DVDR1000, DVDR1000mkII,  DVDR990, al DVDR's)
Pioneer PL12
Pioneer RT-909
Pioneer (DV-525, DV-444, VSX-D810S, VSX-D510, most latest models)
Quad 303, Quad II Quad FM2
Quad FM3, 33, 303, 50E, FM4, 34, 44, 405-2
Quad AMII, FM, Multiplex, 22, II, AM3, 306, 606, 909
Revel (C30, C50, B15, F30, F50, most recent models)
Revox A78, B780, A76
Sennheiser (most latest models)
Sony (TC-155, TC730, TC765)
Sony TA-4650
SME 3009-IIIs
Tannoy (MX1,MX2, MX4, R1, R2, R3, S6, S8, S10, most latest models)
Tannoy (SGM10B, SRM12B, SRM12X, SRM15X, M3000, FSM, SGM3000, SGM1000 also newer models)
Teac A-170
Teac A-3300SX, A-4000S, A-4300SX, AN-300
Technics SL1200mk5
Technics SU-V500 Technics SA-GX650
Thiel (most latest models)
Thorens, TD124, TD125, TD146, TD150, TD160, TD166, TD320I
Thorens TD124, TD 126, TD146, TD 160, TD 166, TD 320

shops with user's manuals:

Audioclassics (almost 1000 manuals!)
Schaltungsdienst (for instance: Revox A77, B77, B760, Nakamichi Dragon, RX202E)
Stereomanuals (for instance: Dual, Dynaco, Garrard, Dbx)
Manualgenius (all Dual turntables)
Vintage-electronics (Fisher, Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui, Sony, Teac, Technics)
NAD 2155, NAD T741

links with free service manuals:

Camphuizen (Philips MFB 545 &544 (Dutch) (a lot of McIntosh)
Sansui QRX-8001
Technics SL1200mk2
Technics SL1210  Technics SA-DX930 Technics ST-GT650

shops with service manuals:

Schaltungsdienst (for instance Revox A77, B77, Thorens TD160)

links with free scheme's:

One-electron (for instance Quad, Leak, Fisher, Dynaco, Marantz, McIntosh)
Triode Electronics (for instance Quad, Leak, Fisher) (all kind of, Quad, Revox, etc.)
Audio Analogue unofficial (for instance Audio Research, Classé, Conrad Johnson, Luxman)
NAD 3120, NAD 310, NAD 310 

available free user's manual for camera's (mail me for this):

general information:

This site offers audio user manuals from real classic audio, besides newer manuals on other sites.

Audio manuals exist due to the kindness of its customers. You're free to donate left at the bottom of this page. If you have user manuals from for instance the speakers Quad ESL55, Quad ESL63, Kef Cadenza, Kef RR104AB, Kef RR105, IMF Professional Monitor, IMF RSPM, IMF SACM, Bose 901 mk 1-2, Rogers/Spendor LS3/5a, Spendor BBC1, the tuners Revox B760, Revox B761,
this would be very welcome.

I prefer the owner manuals to be send to me in JPEG, Word or PDF format. Before you send anything, please contact me. Please send the JPEG's of the user manual in attachments totally not more than 8Mb per E-mail (for more data: send more E-mails). User manuals are welcome in English, Dutch and German. If you donate a new manual, standard you'll be honoured, by placing your name behind the manual. Of course this is not necessary. Links to other manuals are also very welcome!
If you have user manuals, links, ideas etcetera? please contact me. Thank you in advance.
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