I put the 610 alongside a 600 already in my possession and enjoyed this set's  intriguing form and functions. Years later a friend informed me of the sale of an 630 tuner-preamp with 600 cassette player combination. This sale covered the set, and although a second cassette deck was not high on my list, the set's price motivated the purchase of this rare tuner, appearing to function well.

Four wedge shaped pieces aside each other is a very nice line up and I put this in the center of my cassette decks collection, as the tuner-preamp and master console together support 5 tape monitors and then some additional line inputs. So most of my cassette decks could be hooked up to the 600 lineup. At this time I started the quest for the missing pieces to complete the  System One, including the mounting rack.

Power Amp

Regularly checking internet offers led to a 620 power amp listed by a nice fellow I had met 10 years ago when working for a Dutch audio magazine. The slightly modified 620 in mint condition was sent to me in great working order. This final step in the collection of the complete 600 line was important, as correct working power amps of this type are difficult to get. They have a tendency to self-destruct, as I had experienced before, and probably are in the audio graveyard mostly by now.

With the 620 in place the quest for the System One mounting rack really became valid, since the four future occupants were waiting for application. A friend and Nakamichi guru was using a System One timer clock DS100 as a clock on his work bench. Apparently the timer was not working very well and he was easily persuaded in parting with this particular item which rounded up the complement of a System One.

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