A classic system: Nakamichi System One by Henk Schenk

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Nakamichi System One

Over the years I've been looking for special items to complement my collection of Nakamichi Cassette Recorders. The Nakamichi System One perfectly fits this bill, but is not easy to come by. The System One comprises of components of the 600 series of Nakamichi, a time clock and a matching rack to fit it all in. The idea of building a System One arose the day a friend brought over a Nakamichi 610 pre amplifier as a gift. This little gem in the famous wedge shaped housing sports a large number of specialized functions. The complexity of this 'system monitor console' (official title) appeals to professionals mostly. The 610 brought to me had been stored in an attic for quite some time and looked like it. After a thorough cleanup and visual internal checkup I hooked this baby on the mains and watched one of the lights turn on. After checking for any DC on the outputs I hooked up some gear and started a lengthy investigation, finally concluding every function worked as it was supposed to do.

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